Wednesday 30 September


A day in the country.

A trip to Haarlem, a small and quiet city, half an hour from Amsterdam, home of Teylers Museum.

This the oldest museum in The Netherlands, with special collections of 18th-century scientific instruments (Van Marum’s large electricity machine) and master drawings.

We will visit the – usually closed – library and print rooms.   In the Museum the ILAB General Assembly will convene.


After lunch we will split up. There are three options:

(I) City walks through Haarlem: you can view monumental Haarlem, find traces of Jewish Haarlem or you can visit the ‘’Haarlemse hofjes’’, enclosed homes founded by wealthy Haarlem citizens or guilds, to care for the elderly.
Small houses are situated around a patio garden and only accessible through a gate.

(II) Tour of the typical Old Dutch windmill and plder dwellings in the “Zaansche Schans”.

(III)trip to the village of Oud Zuylen with visit to a private collection of astronomical instruments, planetarium Zuylenburgh. And a literary option: visit to the castle home of the Dutch-French writer Isabelle de Charrière/Belle van Zuylen. See further Planetarium


Dinner will be in Hotel Jakarta

Where a traditional Indonesian rice table will be served. This is an Indonesian elaborate meal adapted by the Dutch. It consists of many side dishes served in small portions, accompanied by rice prepared in several different ways. Popular side dishes include egg rolls, sambals, sateh, fish, fruit, vegetables, gado gado, rendang, seroendeng, pickles, nuts and many more.